Residential solutions


Solar / Energy Control Film


Today’s solar window film provides a high degree of protection without changing your view. These films have a thin metal coating and adhesives that are “spectrally selective”. This means the film is removing the sun’s damaging infra-red radiation and UV rays, while allowing most of the visible light to pass through. This is achieved with films that are virtually invisible. Solar films are available in different densities and colours to handle a wide array of problem solar concerns. For any home with fading/deterioration problems, WTS can recommend a film tailored specifically to that need.


Safety / Security Film


Safety film becomes part of the glass unit forming a strong transparent shield that, under some conditions, helps prevent the glass from breaking and always significantly reduces shattering and flying shards if breakage should occur. Multi-laminate films are the ultimate in resisting impact and tearing. This offers the utmost in glass protection. All safety films remove 99% of UV rays, protecting against fading and deterioration, making them ideal for residential application. Safety films are the best safeguard against crime, violence, accidents, and natural disasters. There is no better protection for your windows than safety film.