Paint Protection

Quick and easy protection for your car!

Stone splinters, debris, damage caused by tree snubs and insects on the car or motor cycle body and no idea what to do -- this problem must be well-known for you as well.

How would it be possible to protect your vehicle without any thick film entirely different from the original vehicle in colour or synthetic leather car-body coatings?

Now we are offering you our clear and almost totally invisible SkyFol Cobra paint protection films, the ideal solution for you that does not spoil the original and envied look of your vehicle and protects from small catty damages.

SkyFol Cobra is a collection of stone splinter protection films of the newest generation, opening unknown horizons in the field of car body protection and due to their excellent properties, unique resistance to extreme temperature conditions, UV-radiation and stone splinters could be proven during a lot of tests.

SkyFol Cobra ensures the car body protection your vehicle deserves!

SkyFol Cobra Premium
The Premium line holds two speciality PU films. Premium M is a paint protection film with a matt finish. By installing the Cobra Premium M you immediately get a modern matt finish with a speciality paint protection feature. The Cobra Premium SR is the first self healing PU film in the world. The unique self healing coating has a constantly moving structure ensuring a perfect, scratchless appearance.