We love to be creative! Be it a quickie for a design or an innovative solution for the client we put in our creativity into everything we do.


Advertise with us and turn every car, bus, van and truck into a moving billboard for your brand. Our graphic design team will produce eye-catching logos, branding, stickers, digitally produced car graphic design and wraps that will transform any vehicle into a mobile advertising opportunity for your company to grow and reach more customers. The type of branding you choose depends on your company’s marketing strategy, budget & type of potential customers you want to reach, and of course the nature of your fleet. We can help you with almost anything from designing van wraps to making car stickers and vehicle signs, chances are we have helped someone in a similar situation.


Full Vehicle Wrap:


Full wrap covers entire visible surface of vehicle body with an adhesive vinyl material. Vehicle paint is completely protected and installed printed vinyl material can be removed afterwards with no damage to the paint.


Half Vehicle Wrap / Vehicle Graphics:


A partial wrap, as name reflects it covers only portion of vehicle. A well designed partial wrap integrate into colour of vehicle looks like a full wrap.