Car wrapping


Car wrapping gives you a free hand to design graphics or change the colour.


It is now possible to transform the appearance of your vehicle without the need for a costly and permanent re-spray.
No Paint, No Mess and it’s quick to Reverse!


Car wrapping is the process of covering a car with vinyl panels to give it a whole new image. Not only does it change the colour of the car but the car wrap helps to protect the paintwork as well. A car wrap will completely cover your vehicle, protecting it from scratches, stone chips and other minor abrasions. If any part of the car wrap does become damaged than that section of vinyl can simply be replaced.


Based on our reliable quality assured car wrap service, our vinyl colour change system allows you to:

  • Change the colour of your vehicle quickly and easily
  • Protect & preserve the original paintwork
  • Remove it at any time and return the vehicle to its original finish


We can personalize your ride while protecting its original finish with a more than impressive car wrap. Using the most durable and longest lasting vinyl on the market, we will transform your car into a masterpiece.


A partial wrap or full wrap can be the ideal if you’re looking for custom graphics or you’re simply the type who enjoys changing colours every so often.


The Preparation Process


The first step of the vinyl car wrap process involves full disassembly of your vehicle.


Then perform a thorough clean of all components, including a full detail and a wash to get rid of any dust or dirt.


Next, we use a clay bar to make sure the surface is properly prepared for vinyl car wrap and is free of road grime and tar. We also remove trims, bumpers, taillights, headlights, door handles and other exterior parts to ensure the areas behind them are clean and free of excess dirt before the car vinyl wrap is applied.